Compact and with IoT-Gateway-Functions

Compact and with IoT-Gateway-Functions

The measuring equipment manufacturer thereby offers a consistent solution – from energy-optimised sensor systems through cloud-based provision and transmission of data and finally to the complete evaluation and protocols. NivuLink Micro here represents the telecontrol interface between sensors and the following systems. Data transmission utilises the widely used MQTT or TCP/IP protocols. If data, for example, is transmitted using TLS the system complies with current IT security standards and is a reliable component for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The gateway supplies power for data transmission as well as for up to four sensors. Thanks to the smart power management the battery life is up to 5 years depending on the measurement and transmission cycles set. It is possible to operate the unit by using an external power supply such as a solar panel as well.

Due to IP 68 protection rating the system can be used even under rough ambient conditions without any problems. The compact metal housing protects the electronic components reliably against mechanical stress.

Regarding data transmission operators may select between using their own customer SIM or a SIM card by NIVUS. If the latter is desired, the manufacturer provides free data transmission as well as free cloud-based provision of data for the first 12 months. Measurement and transmission cycles can be freely adjusted for each measurement place. For monitoring applications NivuLink Micro features event-based archiving and transmission of data. This makes sense particularly as soon as the monitoring of stormwater tanks is a legal requirement. NIVUS even offers automatic creation and archiving of complete protocols as data management function.


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